Viajes, viajes, viajes! (Porto, Sevilla, and London)


I haven’t written a blog post in a while- I have been traveling the past few weekends, and am finally sitting down to reflect on them!

In the middle of February, I met up with my parents and two of my brothers in Porto, Portugal for the weekend. Then, Maeve and I flew to Sevilla, where Maeve ran the marathon. This past weekend, I went to London, England with three of my friends from Holy Cross, Caroline, Jimmy, and Sean.

Here are a few pictures from each trip.

Porto, Portugal

Before saying bye
Drinking port wine
My mom and me
Douro River
Porto at night
Porto at night
Porto at night
Abandoned houses
The river at dusk
View from the river cruise

Craft fair

Sevilla, Spain

Hotel Eme rooftop bar
We made some new friends on the rooftop

Plaza de España!

Marathon Sunday!


Maeve throwing me her sweatshirt at 12 km!
Maeve at 35 km!
She’s so cool
Reading on the hostel rooftop


London, England

Churchill War Rooms

Chinatown in London!
We saw Come From Away on West End

We ate at a Spanish restaurant!!!
Tower Bridge

Nag’s Head Pub
Buckingham Palace
St. James Park
Beer garden

Tower of London
Caroline and I did a classic telephone booth photo shoot

The London Eye in the background!


View from the Shard

Tea time!!!!!   

Hasta luego!

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