A Week in the Life of a Holy Cross Student in A Coruña, Spain


I try to get a head start on the week by going to the gym in the morning. The gym is a 15 minute walk from my apartment, but you have to walk along the water to get there, so it’s worth it.

Later, I have one of the two Spanish classes that are just for Holy Cross students. Sometimes we ride the bus to school together, which is fun because the ride is extremely hilly (especially once you get on campus- it can feel pretty dangerous).

Gave and Mé (what our Spanish professor calls them them) on the bus ride to school
Autumn trees on campus

After class, I babysit two adorable little girls, Elena and Lucia. Their mom wants me to speak English with them, so I try to think of creative games to play that make it fun for them to practice the language. I occasionally speak Spanish with them, which is a lot less intimidating than speaking to Spanish adults, even though Lucia hysterically laughs whenever I make a mistake ;).

Elena (7) and Lucia (5)
Elena wearing a bear hat before she goes to English class
Elena making un collar de castañas (a chestnut necklace) for All Saints Day
Lucia has the most crazy and energetic personality

At at 10 or 10:30 PM, we eat dinner! Often my entire host family is at dinner, which is a lot of fun.


On Tuesday mornings, I have my History of Radio, Television, and Multimedia class. The content is interesting and I like the professor, but I am the only international student in my class, which has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone!

Tuesday is the only day when I eat lunch with my host family, because I have class all of the other days. I usually eat with my host mom and one or two of my three host sisters. My host mom always makes comida muy rica!

I live in the Plaza de Vigo, really central and beautiful!
The walk back to my apartment from the bus stop:)

After lunch, I give English classes to Blanca and Inés, who are 12 and 10 and really fun. I help them with their English homework and prepare lessons for them, usually involving American music, TV shows, and games.

I tutor Inés (pictured) and her sister Blanca


Wednesday is my busiest school day: I have the practicum for Radio, Television, and Multimedia (We have to give presentations every week!) In the afternoon, I have the two Holy Cross Spanish classes. One is a culture class and the other helps us improve our grammar and writing and conversational skills.

On Wednesday nights, I have choir rehearsal! Even though it is technically the university choir, there are members of all ages and we sing a wide range of songs- in Spanish, English, German, Latin, and Galician/Gallego. Whenever we sing a song in English, Mary Kate (the other student from Holy Cross in the choir) and I have to read the lyrics out loud to help with pronunciation.

Choir rehearsal with the most diverse and fun group of people ever


I usually start my Thursdays by going to a cafe- my favorite is a bakery called Pandelino, where you’ll always find other Holy Cross students. It has great food and GREAT music.

Alex and MK in Pandelino
Decorated for Christmas
Our favorite bakery, Pandelino
Frappes in Pandelino

I have one of the Spanish classes and my Philosophy & Literature class. Learning philosophy in Spanish is challenging, but I like the professor a lot. After class, I tutor Blanca and Inés again.

We don’t have classes on Fridays, so it’s now the weekend!! I like to explore Coruña and visit new places–like Marineda City, a huge shopping mall (fourth largest in Europe!) where there a lot of stores, restaurants, and fun things to do.

Marineda City, Coruña’s mall

We usually go out for a late dinner (11pm-midnight) and get a bunch of tapas for the table. Our favorite restaurant is still Osampaio. We’ve become friends with one of the waiters, Sisto, who always gives us free food/drinks.

pretty sunset in the Plaza de María Pita (also during the climate protest)
Sangria time at Osampaio!
The Ayuntamiento during a nighttime stroll
Pulpo, an A Coruña essential!!!

After dinner, it’s off to the discotecas!! Happy weekend!!!

With the Leon girls
Me and MK on the terrace


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